Our Operations


We have been designing quality cabinet and finish solutions for over fifty years. Our technical staff has experience and skills that are not a “run of the mill”. We have the full range of design tools and drafting aids to support our staff, as well as the references needed for industry-available resources. Our staff will work directly with your architectural team to assure that the solution can be readily achieved at an appropriate cost the way you want it. We then rapidly translate the design into a shop work order to begin production and meet your schedule. Every project seeks to meet schedule, price, and quality goals. Working with OCCI makes it easy.

Integrated Shop Operations

At OCCI we have a comprehensive and fully integrated capability under one roof. From standard cutting equipment to custom lathes and digital numerical control shapers and routers, raw stock is precisely transformed into unique pieces. Gluing, shaping, sanding and pre-fitting assure a flawless final assembly. Special surfaces such as granite, CorianĀ® and SilestoneĀ® are subcontracted to specialty firms with whom we have worked for years to assure the right results are ready on time for installation at your site. We take full responsibility for the results.

Fit and Finish

When our customers see the work, they don’t recognize the strength of internal bracing, the quality of materials or the tight standards of design and construction. What they see is the quality and appeal of the finish. Ron Porcello has handled the finish work for OCCI for over thirty years. His expert touch makes the beauty of the job complete. OCCI has:

  • Environmentally controlled spray and drying booths.
  • A database including hundreds of finishes.
  • The ability to match existing finishes for smooth integration.
  • A range of finish choices that will delight the customer at every level during the “reveal”.

Seamless Installation

Our technicians and mechanics finish our part of the job for you seamlessly. We assemble and kit all material and tools necessary to finish the job on the first pass with no interruption. We bring all of the necessary materials and skills to get it right the first time every time.

  • We pre-assemble the job so we are assured of final fit.
  • Most jobs are installed by our partner sub-contractors who are familiar with and live up to OCCI standards.
  • Every job is closely managed by OCCI. We are on site with you to make sure it is done right.
  • Our goal is to have no punch list!